Circle Suppers

By 13/09/2016Events

Last summer, after reading in our local newspaper that a neighbour and friend, Frank Hopps, had been diagnosed with Kennedy’s Disease, I thought it would be a really good idea if as a village we could support the charity, KD-UK, which Frank’s wife Kate had started.

So I got together with three other women and, between us, we devised Circle Suppers which was launched at the beginning of this year.

We have on board twelve couples in the village who are committed to hosting a supper for four guests and being a guest at three other suppers over the year. Each guest pays £10 for the evening, and brings along a bottle. Each host covers the cost of the meal they are offering.

Our first major challenge was drawing up a grid so that everyone had an opportunity to host and to meet, over the four suppers, as many of the other people taking part as possible. Because there are in a year 16 suppers altogether and twelve couples to host, four couples are hosting twice. (it took me a while to grasp this..!) Fortunately in our planning group we have Roelie who is a magnificent mathematician and grid designer.

And each host has a window of three months of the year in which to arrange the supper for their group.

We also have drawn up a list of friends who want to contribute and would be very happy to be invited to a supper or two, but would prefer not to host.

It was Anne’s idea to launch the year with a party at her home, where everyone got to know each other over a game or two of beetle (very vintage) and a bottle or two of wine.

Trudy, the third member of the planning group designed some incredibly beautiful invitations for the party and cards for everyone with all the information about the suppers. Kate and Frank came along and spoke about the charity.

As for me, the fourth member of this impressive organising group, I have been commending myself on getting together such a dream team, who have thrown themselves into my rather embryonic idea, run with it and transformed it into what will be a really fun and hopefully profitable year.


If anyone would like to know more about how the suppers work you are welcome to get in touch. or 01305 889244

Cathie Seigal