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London International Kennedy Disease Conference

4-7 November 2023

London International Kennedy Disease Conference

University College London and KD-UK are organising the first ever London International Kennedy Disease Conference from 4-7 November 2023.  The conference will also incorporate the KDA annual conference.

The first two days of the conference (4-5 November) are entirely focused on people living with Kennedy Disease, carriers, carers and for people wishing to learn more about the disease.  The venue for Days 1 and 2 is 20 Bedford Way, London and there is full disabled access.

We have lined up a list of world class presenters who are acknowledged experts in their fields.

The afternoon of Day 2 will focus on current research programmes and trials. There will be an interactive Q&A session at the end of the presentations where attendees will be able to engage with both researchers and medics.

The second two days (6-7 November) are predominately aimed at researchers, clinicians and scientists. People living with KD, carers and carriers may attend the medical days but will need to register for these days separately.

Please note that this venue for the medical days is not suitable for wheelchairs/scooters.  Many of the world’s leading researchers in Kennedy’s Disease are participating.

The conference banquet on 4 November is open to everyone and it is strictly a social event with some excellent entertainment.

To get maximum benefit from 

the conference we would like to encourage

as many people to attend in person as possible.

Personal interaction between people living with KD, carers, carriers, medics, and researchers will greatly add to the value of the event. The key presentations throughout the conference will be broadcast live over the internet. They will also be available to download by registered participants after the event. The medical discussions on Days 3 and 4 will not be broadcast.

The conference is free to attend, both in person and online. The conference banquet is free for everyone who is attending the conference in person. Additional tickets can be purchased for friends and family at a cost of £60 per ticket. The Banquet is being held at the Royal National Hotel in Bloomsbury from 7-10pm on Saturday 4 November. Music is by the highly talented Hank Gray Country Band. The banquet is a strictly social event and we hope you will encourage as many as your friends and family to attend as possible.

Click the button below to register for the Days 1 and 2 (people living with KD, carers, carriers)

DAYS 1 & 2

Click the button below to register for Days 3 and 4 (researchers, clinicians, scientists and other interested parties)

DAYS 3 & 4

Joining us at the conference?

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Conference Banquet

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Do you have a question?

If you have any questions about the the meetings, the venue, the facilities or anything else, please email us via the links below abd we will do our very best to answer. You can either contact Kim at KDUK or Debbie at UCL.